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We are a team of sustainability management experts. So you don’t have to be. The Encompass Group is a utility conservation and management company. We consult, identify, recommend, install, monitor and manage best-in-class solutions to help you reduce your utility usage and costs. Our team’s combined experience spans decades – let us become your trusted utility specialist partner so that you can focus on your core business.

Dedication To Sustainable Strategies

We address sustainability on two key levels – operational processes and technology solutions. We work diligently with our clients to deliver on their expectations and we continually engage them throughout the entire process to ensure satisfaction through to project completion.

Expanding Our Offerings

We bring together the best in the utility management business. By bringing together leading-edge environmental technology and world-class service providers, the Encompass Group provides full-service solutions via a single point of contact. We are always researching new innovative energy solutions, with proven results, that can be used to expand our offerings.

Make us your “Trusted Partner” and put our 3S model to work for you.

The Encompass Group

The Encompass Group is a full-service energy and water resource management consulting company. We leverage our strong partnerships and access to new and existing innovative technologies to assist our clients with developing and executing sustainable strategies for their organization. We sit at the table with businesses, Governments and NonGovernment Organizations (NGO), working diligently to deliver on their expectations. We are continually engaged during the entire end-to-end process to ensure satisfaction through to completion of the project.

Our approach provides “Single Supplier Simplicity”. It facilitates easy and timely access to specialists across all areas of utility supply, conservation and demand management, monitoring management, clean water technology and waste management, but with the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact. And it doesn’t stop there. We know organizations face ever-increasing sustainability challenges; as such Encompass is always exploring and expanding our offerings to reflect enhancements within our industry.

We use a systematic process to help our clients with their energy and water management continuous improvement goals, allowing them to achieve ever increasing levels of sustainability. Our process is modeled after the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) standard – an integrated approach to sustainable operations and buildings. This standard provides a proven method for integrating resource efficiency into existing organizations and answers a key question for energy and water management practitioners – what framework will provide the best case for successful resource management within the organization, achieve the desired buy-in at top management level, and implement a successful Energy Management System (EnMS) and Water Management System (WaMS). It is critical to understand that the framework is not static in nature, but that identifying energy and water usage and consumption, where it is wasted and where any resource saving measures can be maximized is a continuous process.

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