The Myth of Water Usage

Water Delivery is full of twists and turns – literally!

Water travels through thousands of kilometres of watermain pipes from municipal water treatment facilities and pumping stations. The result is water flow that contains air caused by this turbulent flow through different size water pipes, elbows and ‘T’s.

The myth of water usage occurs because water meters measure by volume and cannot differentiate between water and air.


The design of water meters have changed little since their beginning and result in inflated readings for water usage due to air and water flowing through the water meter. Why is air a problem in pipelines? Turbulent water results in measuring a higher consumption than what is actually consumed.


Inflated usage means and higher water bills and decreased asset performance due to over-delivered pressure and flow in an environment of increasing water rates.


The AccuValve™ is the proprietary solution of the Encompass Group that helps clients control their water costs. By placing the AccuValve™ just downstream of the water meter the patent-pending design uses a minuscule amount of air in conjunction with its oscillation process to reduce the turbulence by breaking the air into smaller particles.

The AccuValve™ enables a more accurate reading of water usage and billable consumption resulting in lower utility charge.