Water Flow Control AccuValve

A water flow control valve so good we are a shareholder

Not everyone is passionate about their water flow control valve, but Encompass group is. AccuValve™ is a patent-pending, proprietary design that is attached on the client side of the water meter. The AccuValve™ improves the accuracy of water usage measurement by providing a more stable, less turbulent flow of water through the meter. An accurate water usage measurement will give you more bang for your buck since you’ll only be paying for what you actually use. We liked the technology so much we bought shares in the company.

  • Proprietary, dual spring design
  • Self-adapts to fluctuating GPMS so no tools required
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Customized to your operations
  • 10 year product warranty


Control YOUR Water Costs with the AccuValve™

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