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We help you understand where you may be able to save on your water bills by improving water efficiency with our

Step 1


Understanding the impact of turbulent water flow to your water bills and asset performance is the first step to improving the accuracy of your water bills.

usage analysis

Step 2

Usage Analysis

Real time, water flow monitoring is how we benchmark your water usage before installation of the AccuValve™.

The online monitoring tool allows you to have access to water usage, peak times and when leakages occur in an easy to read report.

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Step 3


Encompass’ patent-pending, proprietary valve is different from competitor valves.

Based on the demands of your building or facility operations we customize the configurations of the AccuValve™.

The AccuValve’s dual spring design automatically self-adapts to fluctuating Gallons Per Minute, (GPMs), which ensures consistent volumes.

Water Analysis

Step 4

Comprehensive Water Analysis

Encompass’ water usage analysis identifies savings opportunities in four main categories:

  • Actual Usage
  • Maintenance Leaks
  • Mechanical Leaks
  • CapEx Asset Improvements and Prioritization

Step 5


As your water management consultant, Encompass provides solutions that can be executed by strategic and trusted partners. Encompass acts as a consultative advocate while implementation is conducted a fully insured and qualified partner.


Step 6


Ongoing access to real time data and alerts mean a strategic understanding of consumption patterns and changes. This allows you to identify when maintenance leaks or mechanical leaks are occurring in a proactive manner and control YOUR water costs.


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